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Ser buen docente ¿Qué opinan los estudiantes de la Universidad de Barcelona? [Being a good teacher. What do the students of the University of Barcelona think?]

Rosa Sayós, Teresa Pagés, Juan Antonio Amador, y Helga Jorba


This study presents the opinion of the students of the University of Barcelona about the teaching skills that a good teacher should have. We conducted a survey through mobile devices among 1062 students in the first term of 2014. An Exploratory factor analysis (EFA) gathers three main factors with eigenvalues greater than one, which explain 53.59% of variability: factor 1, methodology, teaching planning and good knowledge transmission; factor 2, interpersonal communication; factor 3, coordination of teaching team members. The reliability of the three factors is confirmed (α from .837 to .727). We did not observe significant differences according to the area of knowledge and level of education for any teaching skill, although gender differences were detected in factors 1 and 2. Most students defined as good teaching qualities the following aspects: a reliable teaching plan, the use of appropriate teaching methods and having interpersonal skills. Outcomes showed significant coincidences by the comparison of the importance given by students and teachers to each teaching skill. The contributions of the students will be useful to redefine teaching skills and recognise indicators to assess teacher’s performance.

Keywords: University teachers; teaching skills; student's opinions; teaching quality; teacher training.

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