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Acceso a las tecnologías, rendimiento académico y cyberbullying en escolares de secundaria [Technology access, school achievement and cyberbullying in secondary scholars]

Ana Mª Giménez-Gualdo, Javier J. Maquilón-Sánchez, y Pilar Arnaiz Sánchez


Technologies have become an essential company in teenagers’ daily life. They access and use them more constantly but few people are aware of their risks, including the cyberbullying. This study analyses the daily access and use of mobiles phones and computers, and the prevalence of cyberbullying, media used to harass others and its association with technologies’ daily access, gender, grade level and school achievement. We took information from a representative sample of 1353 secondary students randomly selected. Results show a high daily access to mobiles phones and computers, being the average between one and four hours per day. Both media were mainly used to communication and entertainment purposes, showing gender and grade level differences. Analyzing the prevalence of cyberbullying, statistical differences by gender and school achievement appeared, which support this kind of malicious use of technologies and the need for families’ and schools’ prevention and intervention actions.

Keywords: Technologies; online risks; cyberbullying; school achievement; secondary education

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