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Análisis bibliométrico de la investigación española en Psicología desde una perspectiva de género [Bibliometric analysis of Spanish research in Psychology from a gender perspective]

Judith Velasco*, Manuel Vilariño**, Bárbara G. Amado*, y Francisca Fariña


The number of Spanish female students that start and end higher education outnumbers the male students, with an overrepresentation in some fields, as it is the case of Psychology. This female superiority remains in the initial steps of the scientific career, but the reverse occurs at high level scientific and academic positions. In this context, an archival bibliometric study was designed to know if the scientific profile (e.g., publications, cites, internationalization, order of signature) of the Spanish psychological female researchers differs from the male researchers. As for this, the papers indexed at the Core Collection of the Web of Science from 2000 to 2009 were reviewed searching for the topics Spain, Espana, psychology, psicologia. This search was completed with a particular search for each author identified by this method. The results from those papers authored by Spanish psychologists showed that the Spanish male researchers authored more papers; that the distribution of papers published by knowledge areas was similar for both genders; that female researchers signed papers in less relevant positions; and that the internationalization and received cites of the publications were analogous for male and female researchers. The results are discussed in relation to the equality of opportunity between men and women for the development of an academic and scientific career.

Keywords: gender; female researcher; bibliometric study; psychology; Spain.

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