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Elaboración y validación de una escala para la evaluación del acoso escolar [Development and validation of a scale to assess bullying]

Ramón Arce, Judith Velasco, Mercedes Novo y Francisca Fariña


A study was designed to develop a scale for assessing bullying at school among adolescents. A list of 39 items was drawn up in which the wording of each item conformed to three criteria: the content of the items entailed intentionality of action; the word bullying was not used; and no reference was made to any specific scenario. The list was applied together with the SCL-90-R (Derogatis, 2002), the ACS scales (Frydenberg & Lewis, 2000), and the TAMAI (Hernández, 2002) to evaluate mental health, coping, and adaptation in 308 adolescents, 52.7% girls aged 12 to 17 years (M = 13.97; SD = 0.06), attending compulsory secondary education (CSE). The results generated a scale consisting of 26 items and 4 factors (psychological bullying, exclusion, physical bullying, and relational bullying) that was reliable for the entire scale, α = .95, and for the 4 factors, αs was .84 to .90, and valid (convergent and discriminant in criterion and construct).

Keywords: school bullying; scale; reliability; validity; psychological injury.

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