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Capacidad predictiva de la erotofilia y variables sociodemográficas sobre el debut sexual [Predictive power of the erotophilia and sociodemographic variables on the sexual debut]

Mª Paz Bermúdez, Tamara Ramiro-Sánchez y Mª Teresa Ramiro


The aim of the present study was to compare the predictive ability of erotophilia and socio-demographic variables (i.e., sex, age, religion, school shift (morning/afternoon), sexual orientation, socio-economic status and family structure) with regard to participants’ sexual experience or lack of it and age of sexual debut in an adolescent sample. The sample was composed of 1,503 Colombian adolescents (45% females) aged between 12 and 18 years (M = 14.95; SD = 1.46). The Spanish adaptation of the Sexual Opinion Survey to assess participants’ level of erotophilia was applied. Results suggested that, after age, erotophilia is the second best predictor of having sexual intercourse. Yet, erotophilia was not found to predict age of sexual debut, which was influenced by sex, age and sexual orientation instead. We concluded that erotophilia is a construct that differentiates adolescents who have sexual relations from those who have decided not to have them yet.

Keywords: erotophilia; adolescents; sexual experience; sexual debut; socio-demographic.

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