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Propiedades psicométricas de la escala de Discriminación Temida y Percibida para Mujeres con VIH (DTP-40-MV)

José Moral, y María Petra Segovia

Abstract: The aims of this study were to determine the factor structure of the scale of Perceived and Feared Discrimination for women with HIV (DTP-48-MV), to calculate its internal consistency, to describe its distribution and to verify its convergent validity. The PFD-48-WH scale and the STAXI-2 anger expression scale were applied to a random sample of 200 women with HIV, with 34.88 years of age mean and 3.79 years of the diagnosis time mean. Six correlated factors, that explained 73% of the selected 40 items total variance, were found: Feared discrimination, perceived discrimination in workplace and neighbourhood, perceived discrimination within family, perceived discrimination in clinical care, perceived discrimination before the consultation of the medical record, and perceived moments of discrimination. The fit to data was good by scale-free least squares: GFI = .94, AGFI = .93, NFI = .92 and RFI = .91. The values of internal consistency of total score and factors were high. The correlation between the total scores of both scales was positive and significant. It is concluded that the scale is reliable and valid, so it will allow planning research designs in which feared and perceived discrimination can be measured.

Keywords: discrimination; anger; women; HIV/AIDS; psychometrics.




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