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Auto-percepción del conocimiento en educación superior

María Consuelo Sáiz-Manzanares y René Jesús Payo-Hernanz

Abstract: The present study aimed at identifying the self-perception about knowledge in university students (pre-post instruction) and analysing the relation between self-perception of knowledge in students and the professor’s assessment. The sample was comprised of 102 students of whom 70 were in the 2nd year of the degree of Early Childhood Education -subject Systematic Assessment- and 32 were Audiovisual Communication degree students -Subject Art-. For these goals, a pre-post quasi-experimental design and a descriptive-correlational design were respectively used. As to the first aim, meaningful differences in knowledge pre-post instruction were found, but as to the second one, a few significant correlations were only found between self-knowledge and the professor’s assessment in some of the units of the subject of Art, but not in the subject of Systematic Assessment. It is, therefore, necessary to improve the processes of self-perception of knowledge in Higher Education to promote safer and more successful learning.

Keywords: metacognition; self-regulation; self-learning; self-perception of knowledge; self-assessment in higher education.

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