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¿Existe la relación entre los perfiles de investigación de los IPs y la calificación de sus propuestas de investigación? El caso de las Ciencias Sociales

Susana Sánchez-Gil y Elías Sanz-Casado

Abstract: The present study aims at determining and comparing the characteristics of scientific activity described in the curricula vitae (CV) of the head researchers appearing in Social Sciences proposals for projects under the Spanish National R&D+I Plan, 2004-2007. In all, 149 proposals were studied: 62 were classified as excellent and 87 as questionable by the National Evaluation and Foresight Agency (Spanish initials, ANEP), accounting respectively for 10% and 13% of all submitted proposals. In the case of the researchers’ CVs, 83% of excellent proposals and 77% of questionable ones were studied. The advantage of using curricula as the source of the raw data was that the scientific profile of the researchers analysed could be identified and classified on the basis of funded research, international mobility, researcher training and scientific production. Both the research proposals and the CVs have been classified according to the of Social Sciences-ANEP sub area in which they were evaluated.

Keywords: curricula vitae; research proposal; scientific activity; social sciences; bibliometric study.



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