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Estudio bibliométrico de la investigación educativa en las universidades de Andalucía en el SSCI (2002-2010)

Alexander Maz-Machado, Noelia Jiménez-Fanjul, Pilar Gutiérrez-Arenas, Cristina Adrián, Mónica Vallejo y Natividad Adamuz-Povedano

Abstract: The ten Andalusian public universities have a total figure of 1312 professors linked to departments related to educational research. According to this, it could be said that there are enough research staff to make educational scientific production visible. Despite the fact that there are previous studies on Spanish educational production, these are not focused in Andalusia as a whole. The goal is to analyse the educational production, indexed in the Social Sciences Citation Index database (SSCI), carried out by researchers affiliated to some of the Andalusian universities. In particular, we analyse co-authorship patterns, diachronic production, language of the publication and the production per university. We utilize usual bibliometrical techniques for collecting and analysing data. We make the search in the SSCI from which we filter the information and download it. We used a local relational database made for this purpose. A standardization process of the author name and institution was made. An exponential rise of the production analysed is observed, partially due to the increment of educational journals that are indexed by the SSCI along the period studied. Spanish journals have the highest production rate. Likewise, a collaboration networks between Andalusian universities and others was revealed. The research articles are the 89.7% of the whole production analysed. The resulting collaboration index is slightly higher than others found in previous studies in the fields of Social Sciences and Education. In addition, it is shown that the collaboration among the Andalusian universities is low.

Keywords: bibliometrics; collaboration networks; andalusian universities; web of science; educational research.

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