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Calidad de la empleabilidad en universitarios con discapacidad

Amparo Oliver, Patricia Sancho y Laura Galiana

Abstract: Employment of disabled graduates by the University of Valencia (UV) is analyzed, in order to diagnose, visualize and promote integration resources and practices by universities, corporations, and others. Participants were 217 students with disabilities who were randomly selected by stratified sampling with proportional allocation based on genre and type of disability. Results showed graduated men with disabilities were significant older than women. Participants’ age introduced even more differences: self-employers and Administration’s employees were significantly older than the rest of participants. Differences between participants were also found depending on the kind of disability, in receiving disability allowances, and people with visual and psychic disabilities perceived more disability allowances than people with physic, multiple, organic, or hearing disabilities. In every most of the functional areas, employees stated that their job was related with their university studies. Data from 2010, related to general employability of the UV graduated, reported that about 70% of university graduated who were working, were employed in areas related with their university studies. With current study, and with the warranty that offer both the kind of sampling and the statistics techniques, it is conclude that graduated with disabilities’ employability does not differ from the rest of university students’ employability, even though it requires a bigger effort of information and awareness, both for the employers and for the employees. A first step would be the enhancing of the coordination between administrations, corporations, and universities rectors and social councils, to create a university monitoring and observatory center for everyone’s employability.

Keywords: employability; disability; university graduates; exclusion; integration.

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