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Diferencias de género en actitudes hacia las matemáticas en la enseñanza obligatoria

Julio Antonio González-Pienda, Marisol Fernández-Cueli, Trinidad García, Natalia Suárez, Estrella Fernández, Elián Tuero-Herrero y Elza Helena da Silva

Abstract: The study of attitudes and their role in mathematics learning have been an interesting issue for researchers for over 50 years, being gender differences one of the most discussed topic. The present work examines gender differences in attitudes towards mathematics in the course of the last eight grades of compulsory education, based on the response of 5926 Spanish and Brazilian students to the Attitudes toward Mathematics Inventory (AMI). The results show, in both samples of students, a statistically significant effect of the gender on the different dimensions of the AMI. Furthermore, results also show that such effects are strongly mediated by the course. Finally, results are discussed in relation with the implementation of new technologies for the study of mathematics such as the interactive white boards and their effects in the control of the negative attitudes toward mathematics.

Keywords: attitudes; mathematics; compulsory education; gender; students; course.

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