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Violencia escolar en estudiantes de educación secundaria de Valparaíso (Chile): Comparación con una muestra española

Cristóbal Guerra, David Álvarez-García , Alejandra Dobarro, José Carlos Núñez, Lorena Castro y Judith Vargas

Abstract: Due to its negative effects on the development of students, school violence has become an increasingly relevant phenomenon of study around the world. This investigation attempts to underscore the perception of Chilean secondary school students about the frequency of several types of school violence. In addition it tries to identify the differences between Chilean students of different types of school and different grade. Finally, it tries to identify the differences between Chilean students and Spaniards students in regards to that perception. In order to do so, a questionnaire was handed out to 1075 Chilean students, and to 637 Spaniards students. Major levels of violence are found particularly in second grade of secondary school and in public municipal schools. A set of differences between Chilean and Spaniards students’ perceptions is found as well. The implications of these outcomes for the prevention and treatment of school violence in Chile are finally discussed.

Keywords: school violence; students; secondary education; transcultural comparison.

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