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Study of the efficacy of the testimony reality categories of the Golbal Evaluation System (GES) in violence against woman cases

Manuel Vilariño, Mercedes Novo y Dolores Seijo

Abstract: With the aim of contrasting the efficiency of the reality criteria in the assessment of the credibility of the testimony in violence against woman cases, a study was design. In this line, the efficacy of the Global Evaluation System (GES) adapted to violence against woman cases was compared with the standard procedure used, the SVA/CBCA. For this, the statements of 25 real victims of gender violence, confirmed by a judicial sentence, and 25 from mock victims, were collected. The results showed that the reality criteria discriminated between real and mock victim statements. In relation to the validity of the statements, results revealed that the procedures based on two statements (i.e, GES) were more productive in the detection of fabricated statements than those based in one statement (i.e., SVA). Finally, data supported that the reality criteria of the GES specific for gender violence cases were more efficient in differentiate real from fabricated statements, than the reality criteria of the CBCA.

Keywords: credibility; reality criteria; testimony; statement; violence against women; maltreatment.




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