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Un modelo psicológico de adhesión en personas VIH+: Modelamiento con ecuaciones estructurales

Julio Alfonso Piña y Mónica Teresa González

Abstract: A cross-sectional study was conducted with the main objective to assess a psychological model for adherence in 82 HIV+ people, whom answered two self-administered questionnaires: a) adherence behaviors and psychological variables, and b) stress-related situations. The final structural model showed a strong influence of two stress-related situations (decision-making and tolerance to frustration) on motives to behave, which in turn had a relevant effect on behavioral competencies and adherence behaviors as well. This study confirms the theoretical and empirical potency of our psychological model for understanding and predicting why HIV+ people are practicing or not adherence behaviors, both consistently and efficiently. These results should be taken into account for designing intervention programs in the context of health care institutions in Mexico.

Keywords: psychological model; adherence; HIV; antiviral therapy; intervention programs.



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