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Producción científica de la psicología forense en España: Un estudio bibliométrico

Mila Arch, Noemí Pereda, Adolfo Jarne-Esparcia, Ana Andrés y Joan Guàrdia-Olmos

Abstract: The aim of the present study is to assess the scientific productivity in the area of forensic psychology in Spain. A total of 350 articles were gathered through a bibliographic search conducted in the main indexed databases, as well as in other specialized publications. Results showed a growing profile regarding productivity in this area. Author’s productivity fitted Lotka’s law and collaboration analysis showed that most of the documents included in this study are one-authored articles. However, co-authored articles signed by small groups of authors were also typical in this area. The analysis of journal’s productivity showed the existence of a small group of very productive journals: Anuario de Psicología Jurídica and Psicopatología Clínical Legal y Forense. The present study describes, by means of the main bibliometric indicators, the scientific productivity in the area of forensic psychology, from its beginnings in Spain up to the present moment.

Keywords: forensic psychology; scientific productivity; Lotka’s law; Spain; bibliometric study.



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