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Violencia en los centros educativos y fracaso académico

David Álvarez-García, Luis Álvarez, José Carlos Núñez, Paloma González-Castro, Julio Antonio González-Pienda, Celestino Rodríguez y Rebeca Cerezo

Abstract: Academic failure and school coexistence are two of the main challenges of international education. The main aim of this work is to study the relationship between school failure and violence in Secondary Education. To achieve this objective, we applied the School Violence Questionnaire (“Cuestionario de Violencia Escolar” - CUVE) to a sample of 1742 students from seven Secondary Schools of Asturias (Spain). The results show that students who have ever repeated course perceive higher levels of violence at their schools than those who have never repeated, for all evaluated dependent variables (Teachers to students violence, Indirect physical violence by students, Direct physical violence among students, Verbal violence among students, Verbal violence of students to teachers and School violence). The most habitual kind of violence is verbal violence by students. These results are compared with previous works. Some educational implications are discussed.

Keywords: school failure; academic achievement; school violence; bullying; secondary education.


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