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Efecto de un programa de entrenamiento al profesorado en la motivación, clima de aula y estrategias de aprendizaje de su alumnado

Miguel Ángel Carbonero, Luis Jorge Martín-Antón, José María Román y Natalia Reoyo

Abstract: With the aim of assessing an intervention program with teachers driven to promote the motivation skills in classroom, a field study was designed to measure the change, pre- and post-intervention, in the students in motivation, classroom environment and learning strategies. For this, 264 students of 1st year of Compulsory Secondary Education (CSE) and 253 of 3rd year, endorsed the CEAM (guest learning strategies and motivation), the CES (guest social climate in the class), and ACRA subscales of acquisition, coding, recovery and support. Results showed that the intervention program applied to teachers carried out to an improvement, among the students, in extrinsic goal orientation, self-belief and self-efficacy on performance. In relation to the classroom environment, the program enhanced it in the 3rd of the CSE. As for the strategies, coding was developed in both courses, while acquisition in 1st of CSE and attentional in 3rd. Finally, results support that the program was more effective intro females than males, and in 3rd year CSE students.

Keywords: motivation; classroom environment; learning strategies; teachers; Intervention Program.

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