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Cómo promocionar la salud y el bienestar en la comunidad universitaria. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Universidad Saludable

Ainhoa Romero, Silvia Cruz, Carmen Gallardo, y Cecilia Peñacoba

Abstract: Universities should contribute to promoting and increasing values that allow wellbeing, independence and the full development of their students and staff. The Universidad Rey Juan Carlos through the Office for Social Politics, Environmental Quality and Healthy University (Vicerrectorado de Política Social, Calidad Ambiental y Universidad Saludable) offers a program for Promotion of Health and Wellbeing (Programa de Promoción de la Salud y Bienestar) for the entire university community. The following article describes the initiatives that 181 volunteers participated in, either in individual or group settings for 8 sessions depending on their self-detected individual needs. Results show significant pre-post developments in four of the self-assessed variables: self-efficacy, positive and negative affect, and self-esteem. These developments were maintained throughout follow-up. No differences were found based on gender or group, but differences were found in affect depending on the type of therapy followed (individual vs. group). The practical implications of this initiative are highlighted as a way to promote health and wellbeing in a university context.

Keywords: health promotion; university; self-efficacy; affect; self-esteem


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