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Consumo de drogas y conducta delictiva: análisis diferencial de la heroína y la cocaína en la trayectoria infractora

Carolina Bringas, Luis Rodríguez, Javier López-Cepero, Francisco Javier Rodríguez y Cristina Estrada

Abstract: With the aim of knowing the effects of the psychoactive substance abuse in criminal carrier, a study was designed. For this, 157 prison inmates at the Villabona (Asturias, Spain) jail were registered in the age of his/her first antisocial behaviour i.e. non-sanctioned, first delinquent behaviour and first entrance into prison, as well as the drug abuse. The sample consisted mainly of males (94.9%) with ages ranging from 19 to 19 years, mean age is 30.71 (SE = 0.594), 68 primary offenders and 89 recidivists. Results showed that recidivist offender which were drug abusers committed his/her first antisocial and delinquent behaviour and entered first time into prison at younger age than the primary offenders. These findings open new research lines on the relevance of drug abuse and the recidivism in antisocial and delinquent behaviour. The implications of these results for intervention are discussed.

Keywords: Crime; recidivism; drug; delinquency; age.

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