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Un estudio de campo sobre el envejecimiento activo en función de la actividad física y ejercicio físico

María del Carmen Pérez-Fuentes, José Jesús Gázquez, María del Mar Molero e Isabel Mercader

Abstract: There is a growing conviction that physical activity and physical exercise, as components of an activity life-style, help preventing illness and improving state of mind. For that reason, this project aims to know to what extent old people play physical exercise (e.g., walking, doing keep-fit, dancing, etc.) and physical activities (e.g., doing the ironing, going shopping) regularly. Results are evaluated according to gender, marital status, and age measures. Descriptive study is carried out. A total of 1222 people of the province of Almeria (Spain), aged more than 60 years, participate in the investigation. Results show that elderly usually play with physical exercise, are men and married people. Physical activities are often acted by women and divorced/separated people. Regarding to age, the daily exercise and physical activity were the modal answers of the elderlies between 60 and 84 years, whereas the non-performance was the most registered answer in elderlies from 85 years. After this period of time, the practice of exercise and physical activity decreases drastically. Therefore, it would be advisable to highlight that physical activity programs must be adapted to the special features and needs of old people, especially among people with 85 years old and over.

Keywords: elderly; physical activity; physical exercise; active aging; healthy aging.



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