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Sexual behavior with casual partners among university women

Luis Enrique Fierros, Blanca Margarita Rivera y Julio Alfonso Piña

Abstract: Sexual debut at early ages has been demonstrated facilitate different risky sexual behaviors across the active sexual life in both men and women. On the basis of this assumption a cross-sectional study was carried out to assess sexual behavior with casual partners among two hundred and sixty-four university women from Hermosillo, Mexico. Results shows that biological age, age of sexual debut, two types of motives ("Because the opportunity was there" and "Because I was physically attracted to them"), two types of biological states ("I was sexually aroused" and "I was under the influence of alcohol"), and one social circumstance ("I was in a party") were predictors of that behavior The results of this study show that university women are still practicing risky sexual behaviors, and educational efforts must be considered to training women in behavioral competencies to promote the practice of preventive behaviors.

Keywords: sexual debut; casual partners; women; motivation; HIV infection.



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