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Estrés percibido, ira y burnout en amas de casa mexicanas

José Moral, Mónica Teresa González y René Landero

Abstract: It was designed a study with the aim of establishing the relationship between perceived stress, anger expression and burnout syndrome in housewives. For this we collected a sample of 226 Mexican women. Three measure instruments (Perceived Stress Scale [PSS14], Anger Expression [AX] scale of the STAXI-2 and Housewives Burnout Questionnaire [CUBAC-21] were applied to this sample. Initially we proved the internal consistency (α = .83) of the scale SPP14 and found evidence about the adequate fit to a correlated two-factor model, χ2/df = 2.33, RMSEA = .08. Thereinafter we contrasted three models of the relationship between perceived stress, anger expression and burnout syndrome. The model with the best fit, χ2 (1, N = 226) = 0.92, p = .34, RMSEA = .01, showed that support lack complaints increase stress and carry to exhaustion, stress accentuates anger and increases exhaustion; in addition, anger contributes to support lack complaints.

Keywords: stress; anger; burnout; housewives; emotions.

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