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Socialización e historia penitenciaria

Carolina Bringas; Francisco Javier Rodríguez, Eduardo Gutiérrez, y Beatriz Pérez-Sánchez

Abstract: Different prison population studies refer the presence of infringing activities not penalized early age. A research focused on determining the influence of some factors in the time it takes the offender to make their first unsanctioned infringing activity, like that which has already been penalized and your income for the first time in prison, was carried out. It also seeks to identify risk and protective factors in the same realities that are shaping the history of prisons. The sample used consists of 157 inmates of the prison of Villabona, in Asturias (Spain), being mostly male -149 compared with 8 women, and aged between 19 and 49. The evaluation was done using the semistructured interview for the History of Life (Paíno, 1995), both personal and social, family and prison. The results identified risk and protective factors and its relations with the age at which they commit their first offense recognized, sanctioned, and in-coming into jail.

Keywords: criminal behavior; income penitentiary; age; risk factors; protective factors.



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