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¿Es efectivo el estudio psicométrico estándar del peritaje del estado clínico y de la disimulación en progenitores en litigio por la guarda y custodia de menores?

Francisca Fariña, Ramón Arce, y Andrea Sotelo

Abstract: In the forensic assessment of parental disputes concerning child custody, symptom denial and positive faking must be suspected (Bagby, Nicholson, Buis, Radovanic, & Fidler, 1999; Butcher, 1997; Medoff, 1999). This underscores the need for forensic psychologists to evaluate the psychopathology and underreporting of symptoms. The standard procedure employed by practitioners is to administer the MMPI-2 to both parents in order to assess psychopathology and the underreporting of symptoms (Bow & Quinnel, 2001). To estimate the efficacy of this procedure, the MMPI-2 was administered in a forensic setting to 126 parents involved in parental disputes over child custody, and 105 parents lay in psychopathology under the standard instructions. Results showed that the typical protocol used in forensic assessment was inefficacious for the detection of underreporting. The implications of these results on forensic practice are discussed.

Keywords: custody; MMPI-2; underreporting; forensic assessment; separation and divorce.



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