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Escala de afrontamiento del estrés académico (A-CEA)

Ramón G. Cabanach, Antonio Valle, Susana Rodríguez, Isabel Piñeiro, y Carlos Freire

Abstract: Assuming that the effects of stressors on students´ health, cognitive functioning and wellbeing depends on the stressors and how these are addressed, this paper attempts to prove the validity of an instrument for the specific evaluation of the coping stress strategies of university students. This work is developed in two phases. For this purpose a bank of items bringing together different coping stress strategies were elaborated and a application with a sample of university students was carried out. Results of this study suggest that the coping scale of academic stress questionnaire (Escala de Afrontamiento del Cuestionario de Estrés académico, A-CEA), that allows to differentiate between social support, cognitive reappraisal and planning, can be a useful instrument in the university scope.

Keywords: questionnaire; scale construction; coping; stress; university students.



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