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Función y utilidad de los cuestionarios en el diagnóstico del Trastorno por Déficit de Atención e Hiperactividad

Celestino Rodríguez, Jesús N. García-Sánchez, Paloma González-Castro, David Álvarez, Ana Bernardo, Rebeca Cerezo, y Luis Álvarez

Abstract: ADHD is a complex disorder, which worse moreover with big overlap or the link this diagnosis presents with other problems or difficulties. It is stated that the overlap of the ADHD might be up to 80 per cent with two or three or even more development disorders. In this study we present an empirical study with 339 students from 3rd year of Primary school to 4th year of Secondary School and consisted of four groups: 59 students diagnosed with ADHD and LD, 40 with ADHD without LD, 115 with LD and/or low achievement (LA), and 124 normally achieving students formed the control group. All of the students ranged between eight and sixteen years old. We have scanned the ADHD participant’s problems by mean of DSM-IV questionnaire from parents and teachers. Moreover analyzed problems added to the ADHD and to do that we have used a questionnaire which was recently created, named Five to Fifteen (FTF), and translating to Spanish. The results indicate that application of questionnaires to parents and teachers agree with the diagnoses of their ADHD children/students. However, there are some limitations to consider with regard to diagnosis, which can be solved with the FTF questionnaire FTF. We discuss the implications about diagnosis, explicating the shortcoming and the perspectives in the future.

Keywords: ADHD; diagnosis; DSM-I criteria; FTF questionnaire; learning desabilities; parents.


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