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La Sociedad Universitaria de Investigación en Psicología y Salud (SUIPS) en cumplimiento del artículo 2 de sus estatutos, Fines de la Sociedad, que la impele, entre otros cometidos, a la promoción de la investigación científica en Psicología y Salud, ha decidido la puesta en marcha de una revista científica dirigida a la creación de conocimiento científico, centrada en las necesidades de la zona Iberoamericana, pero también abierta a todo tipo de aportaciones de otras realidades. Por todo ello, la SUIPS ha tomado la decisión poner en marcha la Revista Iberoamericana de Psicología y Salud que publicará artículos en español o inglés de carácter científico en cualquier temática de la Psicología y Salud, especialmente aquellos que lleven aparejado la trasferencia de conocimiento a profesionales, científicos, académicos y sociedad en general. En consecuencia, la revista asume como objetivo central la interdisciplinariedad, valorándose positivamente aquellos trabajos sometidos para su publicación realizados por equipos multidisciplinares. Además, como revista de carácter científico se propone alcanzar los estándares de calidad al uso (p.e., criterios Latindex), la inclusión en las bases de datos de referencia (ISOC, PSICODOC, DICE, PsycInfo,...), así como ser sometida a proceso de evaluación del impacto.

La directiva de la SUIPS

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Estrous cycle and sex as regulating factors of baseline brain oxidative metabolism and behavior

Natalia Arias, Camino Álvarez, Nélida Conejo, Héctor González-Pardo, and Jorge L. Arias

Abstract: The existence of sex differences in brain function is still today a controversial issue, and contradictory results are reported in the scientific literature. Part of this controversy would be solved by taken into consideration the rhythmic changes in the levels of circulating gonadal steroids during the menstrual or estrous cycle in females as compared to males. The aim of this study was to evaluate the changes in oxidative metabolism of limbic brain regions in male and female rats at two different stages of estral cycle (estrous and diestrous). Cytochrome oxidase activity was used as a reliable marker of neuronal oxidative metabolism. We found the highest levels of oxidative metabolism during the diestrous phase in several brain regions, when estrogen levels are high. Males displayed similar cytochrome oxidase activity as compared to females in estrous phase. Our results support behavioral and neurobiological studies reporting sex differences in rodents and humans.

Keywords: limbic system; cytochrome oxidase; sex difference; estrous cycle, rat.



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Manejo de contingencias para el tratamiento de la adicción a la cocaína en un contexto sanitario público

Emilio Sánchez-Hervás, Francisco Zacarés, Roberto Secades-Villa, Olaya García-Rodríguez, Gloria Garcia-Fernández, y Francisco José Santonja

Abstract: The demand for treatment for cocaine dependence increased significantly in recent years, therefore, the development and dissemination of effective treatments for cocaine dependence is an important public health priority in Spain and in the rest of Europe. The aim of the present study was to explore the effectiveness of one of the programs that has obtained the best results in the United States: The Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) plus vouchers for the treatment of cocaine addiction. Eighty-six patients seeking treatment at a public healthcare clinic were randomly assigned to one of three treatment conditions: CRA, CRA plus vouchers, or standard care. Retention rate at three months was 57.9% in the CRA group, 66.7% in the CRA plus vouchers group, and 53.3% in the standard treatment group. In the CRA group, 21.1% of the patients maintained continuous abstinence, compared to 44.4% of the CRA plus vouchers group and 16,7% of the standard group. These results support the effectiveness and the adaptability of CRA plus vouchers in a public setting in Spain. Further follow-up will be required to confirm the long-term maintenance of the results.

Keywords: cocaine dependence; CRA; contingency management; vouchers.



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Función y utilidad de los cuestionarios en el diagnóstico del Trastorno por Déficit de Atención e Hiperactividad

Celestino Rodríguez, Jesús N. García-Sánchez, Paloma González-Castro, David Álvarez, Ana Bernardo, Rebeca Cerezo, y Luis Álvarez

Abstract: ADHD is a complex disorder, which worse moreover with big overlap or the link this diagnosis presents with other problems or difficulties. It is stated that the overlap of the ADHD might be up to 80 per cent with two or three or even more development disorders. In this study we present an empirical study with 339 students from 3rd year of Primary school to 4th year of Secondary School and consisted of four groups: 59 students diagnosed with ADHD and LD, 40 with ADHD without LD, 115 with LD and/or low achievement (LA), and 124 normally achieving students formed the control group. All of the students ranged between eight and sixteen years old. We have scanned the ADHD participant’s problems by mean of DSM-IV questionnaire from parents and teachers. Moreover analyzed problems added to the ADHD and to do that we have used a questionnaire which was recently created, named Five to Fifteen (FTF), and translating to Spanish. The results indicate that application of questionnaires to parents and teachers agree with the diagnoses of their ADHD children/students. However, there are some limitations to consider with regard to diagnosis, which can be solved with the FTF questionnaire FTF. We discuss the implications about diagnosis, explicating the shortcoming and the perspectives in the future.

Keywords: ADHD; diagnosis; DSM-I criteria; FTF questionnaire; learning desabilities; parents.


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Escala de afrontamiento del estrés académico (A-CEA)

Ramón G. Cabanach, Antonio Valle, Susana Rodríguez, Isabel Piñeiro, y Carlos Freire

Abstract: Assuming that the effects of stressors on students´ health, cognitive functioning and wellbeing depends on the stressors and how these are addressed, this paper attempts to prove the validity of an instrument for the specific evaluation of the coping stress strategies of university students. This work is developed in two phases. For this purpose a bank of items bringing together different coping stress strategies were elaborated and a application with a sample of university students was carried out. Results of this study suggest that the coping scale of academic stress questionnaire (Escala de Afrontamiento del Cuestionario de Estrés académico, A-CEA), that allows to differentiate between social support, cognitive reappraisal and planning, can be a useful instrument in the university scope.

Keywords: questionnaire; scale construction; coping; stress; university students.



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¿Es efectivo el estudio psicométrico estándar del peritaje del estado clínico y de la disimulación en progenitores en litigio por la guarda y custodia de menores?

Francisca Fariña, Ramón Arce, y Andrea Sotelo

Abstract: In the forensic assessment of parental disputes concerning child custody, symptom denial and positive faking must be suspected (Bagby, Nicholson, Buis, Radovanic, & Fidler, 1999; Butcher, 1997; Medoff, 1999). This underscores the need for forensic psychologists to evaluate the psychopathology and underreporting of symptoms. The standard procedure employed by practitioners is to administer the MMPI-2 to both parents in order to assess psychopathology and the underreporting of symptoms (Bow & Quinnel, 2001). To estimate the efficacy of this procedure, the MMPI-2 was administered in a forensic setting to 126 parents involved in parental disputes over child custody, and 105 parents lay in psychopathology under the standard instructions. Results showed that the typical protocol used in forensic assessment was inefficacious for the detection of underreporting. The implications of these results on forensic practice are discussed.

Keywords: custody; MMPI-2; underreporting; forensic assessment; separation and divorce.



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The portacaval sham operation in rats affects acquisition but not memory of an active avoidance task

Laudino López, Marta Méndez, Magdalena Méndez-López, María Ángeles Aller, Jaime Arias, Fernando Díaz, and Jorge L. Arias

Abstract: Hepatic encephalopathy is one of the most important diseases and is the focus of investigation by many research groups. One of the most frequently used models is the portocaval shunt. This requires a surgically intervened group and also a sham operated group as control. Our objective was to examine whether the sham operation had physiological or behavioural consequences for the animals. Two groups of rats were studied: rats that had undergone a sham operation consisting in a laparotomy followed by clamping of the portal vein and inferior vena cava for 15 min; and an unoperated control group. The animals were then submitted to behavioural tests and plasma testosterone and corticosterone levels were determined. The sham-operated rats behaved slightly differently to the control rats in the open field. They tended to walk more in the central area. In the Morris pool, they learnt the task one day later than the control group. In the associative learning test, the sham operation prevented rats from being able to learn the task. However, the sham operation did not interfere with the rats remembering a previously learnt task. The sham group also presented higher levels of plasma corticosterone than controls. It seems necessary to reconsider what would constitute the most appropriate control group for portacaval shunt.

Keywords: sham-operation; open field; Morris water maze; active avoidance; Wistar rat.



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Socialización e historia penitenciaria

Carolina Bringas; Francisco Javier Rodríguez, Eduardo Gutiérrez, y Beatriz Pérez-Sánchez

Abstract: Different prison population studies refer the presence of infringing activities not penalized early age. A research focused on determining the influence of some factors in the time it takes the offender to make their first unsanctioned infringing activity, like that which has already been penalized and your income for the first time in prison, was carried out. It also seeks to identify risk and protective factors in the same realities that are shaping the history of prisons. The sample used consists of 157 inmates of the prison of Villabona, in Asturias (Spain), being mostly male -149 compared with 8 women, and aged between 19 and 49. The evaluation was done using the semistructured interview for the History of Life (Paíno, 1995), both personal and social, family and prison. The results identified risk and protective factors and its relations with the age at which they commit their first offense recognized, sanctioned, and in-coming into jail.

Keywords: criminal behavior; income penitentiary; age; risk factors; protective factors.